Background …

Putting together a show complete with a full, live band is a difficult and, particularly for a totally independent artist such as myself, very expensive exercise.  Difficult in terms of “have you ever tried to book, say, four independent professional musicians for a couple of formal rehearsals plus whatever dates the show will run for?”  It has been likened to herding cats; getting everyone to be available on the same dates is a real headache, but that's what you get for insisting on top class musicians - they're in high demand!  Expensive in terms of paying for, say, four professional musicians, at a rate that reflects their expertise and brilliance.  It's always worthwhile in terms of fun, of course, but for the most part I have to be practical and accept that I can't have a live band everywhere!

What I can - and do at every opportunity - put together with much more ease and one heck of a lot less expense is a show with just one additional performer.  These events have come under the umbrella of “Music & Mayhem”.

The show …

The basic premise is that part of the show will have just one performer on stage, then the other, as well as performing together. That's really the only hard and fast rule that runs through any M&M show! The actual level of Mayhem will depend on the venue, the other performer, and of course the audience.

This show can be shaped to suit a venue's specific requirements, provided of course that their requirements suit myself and whoever I have roped in to performing with me! Other than that, there aren't really any boundaries.

The SHOW - some examples When Michael Simic (of Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen) agreed to provide the male vocals for my recording of “Fairytale of New York” (see my album “In These Shoes?”), he suggested we do a couple of shows together whilst he was with us in Cairns for the recording.  The indomitable Nick, then of Nick's Swiss Italian Restaurant in Yungaburra, Queensland, agreed to host a special event in the main bar and restaurant area, with a superb set menu, and for us to entertain his hungry hordes.  It's worthy of noting that Nick is quite a character in his own right; Michael also; and they both play piano accordion … MAYHEM!!!  A little lass was celebrating her 7th birthday with family and friends - the children all ended up on stage with us, and the evening was crazy, fun, manic madness.  The planned set list went out of the window, but none of us cared!

The following evening was much more restrained Mayhem, in my favourite Theatre - the Clink, in Port Douglas, Queensland.  Being in a formal Theatre setting we managed to keep to our planned structure for the evening, with both individual sets and duets.  For those who know Mikelangelo, you won't be surprised to learn that I gladly played keyboard accompaniment to allow the man free rein to molest the audience members with his sexy rendition of his famous opus “A Formidable Marinade”!

Back 2015, at the Kirstyfest in London, I sang a couple of songs with a fellow fan, Sue Lovell; we had such fun that we decided, over the following year, to do a full ‘gig’ together. Sue managed to entice the landlady of her local Pub to agree to give us the space and even pay us a small fee, to entertain her diners and other patrons.  The set list we put together was heavily orientated towards the music of Kirsty MacColl, but we both threw in a whole range of different songs, and everyone had an absolute ball, the landlady was delighted with us, and we (Sue, me and John - our soundman, of course!) got free meals and drinks - we were well pleased with ourselves!  We all promised to do it again the following year … sadly the pub went out of business, so it didn't happen.  I didn't think we had caused THAT much Mayhem!

Previous performances …

22 Jul. 2016 - Nick's Restaurant, Yungaburra - with Michael Simic
23 Jul. 2016 - Clink Theatre, Port Douglas - with Michael Simic
21 Oct. 2016 - Paddock Wood, UK - with Sue Lovell
… and more to come hopefully!

Upcoming shows
Karen J White - Music & Mayhem 2016 - Mikelangelo & Karen J White


Karen J White - Music & Mayhem 2016 - Mikelangelo & Karen J White


Karen J White - Music & Mayhem 2016 - Mikelangelo & Karen J White


Karen J White - Music & Mayhem 2016 - Mikelangelo & Karen J White