Naughty, but Nice! EP cover image

Naughty, but Nice (EP) by Karen J White

  • ● Some nice but adult themed songs.
    ● Just a handful of the naughty songs I do!

This EP came about because we had recorded one of the tracks for inclusion on my studio album By Request but decided that it didn't fit in with the rest of the album …  and I certainly didn't want to waste a good recording, so I chose four more tracks similarly slightly naughty and voila!  There is one track that was recorded live at the By Request album launch; the other four were recorded in part in Axio's studio and in part at Pegasus Studios; the recording was approached in a much more laid-back frame of mind that previous and more recent albums and the result is exactly what I was aiming for.  It's not X-rated but these are, as advertised, five songs for grown-ups …  and not for the prudish or easily shocked.  I have the reputation for often being quirky, occasionally being naughty - these songs are VERY Karen J White! I've tried to give them my own little twist - I hope you enjoy the end results.

Album tracks …

1. Silver Beaver (4:15) (Gaye Adegbalola)
    … 30 sec sample:

2. Don't You Feel My Leg (2:35) (Blu Lu Barker and Danny Morton)
    … 30 sec sample:

3. A Formidable Marinade (live) (5:37) (Michael Simic)
    … 30 sec sample:

4. Don't Marry Her (3:01) (Dave Rotheray and Paul Heaton)
    … 30 sec sample:

5. The Scotsman (3:01) (Mike Cross)
    … 30 sec sample:

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