A potted history of te life and career of Kirsty MacColl publication image

A potted history
of the life and career
of Kirsty MacColl …

by Karen J White

… a few relevant bits anyway.

About my publication …

As part of my tribute I have written & published a pocket guide entitled “A potted history of the life & career of Kirsty MacColl”.  This is available at nominal cost or free to those people who buy both of my Kirsty tribute albums-

The information in the booklet is not intended to be a full and comprehensive history, the idea is to encourage those who know little of the ‘Kirsty story’ to learn more - there is plenty more information in the public domain for those who are interested, including at least two biographies (one written by Kirsty's mother); I have taken snippets from a variety of sources, including from anecdotes shared by various of Kirsty's friends and relatives I have met at the Kirstyfests I have attended in London.  Read the booklet, ideally alongside listening to my two tribute albums (In These Shoes? and Soho Square), and let this whet your appetite to learn more and listen to some of the Kirsty ‘originals’!

For those of you asking “What's Kirstyfest?” … this event takes place in Soho, London on the Sunday nearest to 10 October (Kirsty's birthday) every year and brings together fans of Kirsty's music from all around the world.  For more information: visit Kirstyfest on Facebook here or better still visit Kirstyfest in person!

The photos of Kirsty that appear in the Booklet were very kindly supplied to me by two wonderful people: professional British photographer Hayley Madden and Terry Hurley, also of the UK, an avid Kirsty fan who followed Kirsty from her earliest performance days with the Drug Addix (at which time her stage name was Mandy Doubt) through to her final tour and who took some fabulous little snapshots at a variety of Kirsty's live gigs (and he's a highly accomplished musician himself!) who I have been lucky enough to meet at Kirstyfests over the years.  I offer my deep and abiding gratitude to both Hayley and Terry for allowing me the use of their lovely photos.

Another friend to whom I owe a huge thank you is the lovely Ruby Pepper - another avid Kirsty fan, again someone I met at various Kirstyfests; Ruby and I keep in touch between meeting up in albums-  Ruby's knowledge of Kirsty and her music is, I'm sure, unsurpassed amongst the whole world of Kirsty's fans and it was Ruby I turned to when I had a handful of booklets printed for proofing - as well as a couple of typos (embarrassing!) Ruby pointed out a factual error I had taken from another publication without checking out!  Obviously I was able to correct these errors before the main run went to print, so Thank You Ruby for helping me get it right!

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