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Dear #salutation#,

As you know it's really hard getting one's cherished musical hard work "out there" and that radio remains the number one medium for doing so.  So in order to move onwards and upwards a girl has to solicit favours, hence this email to you #name#.

My friends, your colleagues, at ABC (Local Radio) Far North Queensland (in particular Phil Staley, Kier Shorey, and Fiona Sewell) as well as Macca and Lee Kelly of "Australia All Over" have been delightfully helpful and encouraging in giving me and my recorded music excellent airing on ABC, but they are just a few in the ABC which is where you hopefully step in.  Below is a summary of me and my musical activites and I am very much hoping you too are willing and able to help me.

Locally I am referred to as the "Rudey and Quirky" one as most of the 500 or so songs in my repertoire are not mainstream, nor is my delivery of them.  Whilst I do write few of my own songs ("Shoes" seems the most well known of my own compositions) I mostly perform covers, many with complex musical sequences and long convoluted stories.  Not much of what I do is suitable for the "pub" (background) environment but listening, discerning audiences love my work.

With regards to my "fan" demographics it seems I appeal and relate to females of almost any age probably because of familiar innuendo in many of my stories, the gay fraternity because they love flamboyance, and in general many of those born in the 40s-70s era who enjoy toe-tapping to some well known but not often played songs.

I am now working on my fourth album and like the two previous studio produced albums ("By Request" and "Naughty, but Nice!") I'm lucky enough to have the greatly acclaimed Nigel Pergrum as my co-producer, drummer (live and studio) and recording engineer.  My first album is a live recording of one of my Quintessential Quirk shows.

This new album production is just part of a new project.  It is being produced to accompany the focus of the project, a live show.  Entitled "In These Shoes?" I am producing a show and album as a tribute to Kirsty MacColl's music.  A similar age to me, Kirsty was tragically killed in a boating incident in Mexico in 2000.  I intend going on the road with the show and album both here in Oz and in the UK where Kirsty was prominent on the pop scene during the 80s and 90s and still has a very strong and loyal fan base.

To help me out perhpas you first can share my website and like my FaceBook page.  Secondly, at the risk of being pushy, maybe you can give some of my songs a little air time!  I understand some of my music is in the ABC's system but if you would like something from me please let me know - I can easily deliver through the internet (or post) both "wav" and "mp3" files.

Finally and luckily my husband John, a marketing consultant, is my honorary marketing department and with his help I am able to supply almost any marketing "collateral" so if there is anything you need, just shout.

In anticipation I thank you for your help and I do look forward to meeting you one day.

Kind regards,


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Mobile: +61 418 183 003





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