"In These Shoes?"
my new tribute album and show to the late great Kirsty MacColl


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Re: Still looking for venues for my show!

Greetings to you from sunny Tropical North Queensland, Australia!
Time is racing past and my impending visit to the UK is just around the corner. As I write I have not heard back from you regarding my earlier email asking if you can help me – I am looking for somewhere to showcase my new project, my new album and show “In These Shoes?
Wrapped and presented in my sometimes quirky style I’m delivering my arrangements of some of Kirsty MacColl’s amazing songs, as a tribute to her life and music.  Yes, Kirsty is an extremely hard act to follow but I think my delivery of her music and passion adequately reflects the same level of flair, complexity and attention to detail that made Kirsty and her songs famous.
I am looking for suitable venues for 2016 (and 2017) and to achieve my goals I’m fully prepared to be very flexible blending with opportunities as they arise, for example ...
# I’ll join in with other performers and give you a short showcase set,
# I’ll give you a full ‘one woman show’,
# I’ll give you me and a band for a full show,
# or I’ll give you pretty much anything you can think of in between!
Whilst this is my first formal UK tour I have already performed odd gigs in the UK.  Also I have been a regular attendee and performer at the annual “KirstyFest” (Soho Square).  Indeed much of my show’s content has interestingly been guided by members of the “Kirsty MacColl Fan Gang”.
From my array of videos you will see I am a Brit, albeit an ex-pat POM (living in Australia), and that my performances are accomplished. With regards to my “fan” demographics I appeal and relate to females of almost any age, the gay fraternity and in general many of those born in the 40s-70s who enjoy toe-tapping to some well known but not often played songs. My research suggests Kirsty’s music is still very popular which coupled with my own traits gives me the confidence that there is real demand my show “In These Shoes?”.
As an unknown entity to you I understand your fears, but fear not - I am fastidious and I deliver on time to specification all that I’ve agreed to - a lifetime of owning and running businesses in the UK and in Australia as well as putting on my own self funded shows has taught me the great importance of reliability and delivering as advertised.
Sourcing suitable venues is a mammoth task and I’m writing to you because I like the look of your venue and I can see myself performing there.  Now at the risk of being pushy please get back to me - even if you can’t fit me in this year then there’s next year or perhaps you know of somewhere I haven’t found that may suit me.
In anticipation I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.
Best wishes,

Karen J White
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