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"In These Shoes?"
my new tribute album and show to the late great Kirsty MacColl


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Re: Room for my tribute to Kirsty MacColl show in your venue?

As Mick Jagger sings so eloquently “Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste ...”
Well, that’s not strictly true, in that (1) I’m not a man and (2) I’m not altogether wealthy; I do, however, consider that I have absolutely excellent taste in music and to that end I’m working on producing a musical tribute show.  It’s not to the Rolling Stones, as you might assume from my original introduction line; it’s to the late, great and hugely lamented Kirsty MacColl.
So – my name is Karen J White; I use my middle initial because some folks, rather strangely, muddle me with an American singer called Karyn White.  I’m originally from the UK, currently living in Queensland, Australia; all our family remain in the UK so my husband John and I span the hemispheres, our next scheduled stint in the UK is August to October this year.
Now to my new show : “In These Shoes?” is a tribute to the music of Kirsty MacColl.  Don’t be confused, this is not a tribute act, I’m not trying to look and sound like Kirsty; I will, however, be performing many of the songs she sang so beautifully, pretty close to her original versions albeit some with my own little nuances.
The pilot shows will happen here in Far North Queensland in June, with my regular band. My plan is to then ‘tour’ the show around various UK towns and cities during our UK summer visit. This, obviously, is where you come in.
Naturally I am focussing on locations where I have friends and/or family nearby who I know will support me and help get the word ‘out there’. On that basis I have been following up suggestions from Facebook’s “Kirsty MacColl Fan Gang” as well as doing my own internet searches in those areas and that’s where your venue came up.
From what I have seen online your venue does look perfect for my show; I’m looking for relatively intimate venues, not a grand auditorium.  The beauty of how I’m putting the show together is that I can tailor it to suit each individual theatre/restaurant/bar/club that will allow me to perform in it! My choice of songs for the performance will be made to suit the timing and the audience; I can perform solo or, where appropriate, I will be linking up with local musicians and we can perform as a duo, or as a whole band; I’ll give you half an hour’s worth of songs as a ‘feature’ or ‘opening’ act, or I’ll give you a whole evening of songs – or anything in between!
Incidentally, to accompany the show I’m producing a (studio) album of 10 of the songs (I already have another 4 Kirsty songs on existing CDs).  This will be my fourth album: the first consists of 15 songs recorded live at my first ‘own’ show Quintessential Quirk (2 of the Kirsty songs included there!); this new CD is being recorded and produced at Pegasus Studios in Cairns (as were my 2 intervening albums).  Pegasus is owned and run by another ex-pat Brit, Nigel Pegrum - Nigel has won numerous awards, both as a musician (most notably from his days as a member of Steeleye Span and then the Barron Knights) and for his music production work; I consider myself very fortunate to have him on my side both as my recording engineer and locally as my drummer!
I have heaps of videos online, all easilly reachable via my website – karenjwhite.com.au > galleries > videos.  I think my tribute show will work brilliantly in your venue – what do you reckon?  Please let me know your thoughts.  If you’re interested then we can go into more detail.
Please, please, please – drop me a line back, even if it’s “thanks but no thanks” but I hope it’s “yes, I’m interested, let’s talk some more.”  Thanks to technology we can “talk” by email, Skype, SMS or even phone.  Regardless, I look forward to hearing from you.
Incidentally, with regard to my opening statement – I’m not the Devil, either, in case you were wondering!!
All the best,

Karen J White
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