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"In These Shoes?"
my new tribute album and show to the late great Kirsty MacColl


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As you know it's really hard getting one's cherished musical hard work "out there" and with so many avenues to follow the task is onerous.  This email to you is just one of the avenues I’m exploring to let the world know about my music and in particular my current project.  Having caught your eyes this far I’m now hoping you’ll give me a few moments and read on …

To my new project.  I have been a fan of the late great Kirsty MacColl for many years and indeed she’s been a significant influence in my own music – I have just under 50 of her songs in my repertoire. Kirsty is the focus of my aforementioned new project “In These Shoes?” which is a tribute to Kirsty MacColl celebrating her life and music - as a footnote she’s probably best remembered internationally for her duo with Shane MacGowan of The Pogues in the song “Fairytale of New York” which is still very popular today particularly at Christmas time.

First to the album; this is being produced with the internationally acclaimed Nigel Pegrum in Cairns and we are “in-the-studio” now and we hope to have the album of 10 songs pressed in June.  I consider myself very fortunate to have Nigel on my team both as my recording engineer and as my drummer - he has won numerous awards, both as a musician, most notably from his days as a member of Steeleye Span and then the Barron Knights, and for his music production work, for Seaman Dan for example.  Other musicians and vocalists on this album comprise locally and nationally notable artists.  I am hoping for at least one special guest too.

Second, the focus of the project, is my tribute show. As mentioned it’s entitled "In These Shoes?".  A similar age to me, Kirsty was tragically killed in a boating incident in Mexico in 2000 and my project is designed to celebrate her life and music.  I intend going on the road with the show and album both here in Oz and in the UK where Kirsty was prominent on the pop scene during the 80s and 90s and still has a very strong and loyal fan base. Importantly it’s not my intention to be a Kirsty lookalike but just to replicate her great music reflecting Kirsty’s style delivered of course with a twist of my own quirkiness.

The ABC, particularly ABC Far North Queensland as well as Macca of "Australia All Over" together with Community Radio station Cairns FM 98.1 have been delightfully helpful and encouraging in giving me and my music excellent airing on radio, but they are just a few hence this email to you.

To help me out perhaps you first can “share” my website and “like” my FaceBook page. Secondly, at the risk of being cheeky I ask if you can give me and some of my songs a little push where you can.
Thanks to my husband John, a marketing consultant and my honorary marketing department, I am able to supply almost any marketing "collateral" so if there is anything you need, just shout. My website is full of samples of my work (video and audio) as well as profiles and stories for the media. Having said that if there’s anything you want just let me know - I can easily and quickly deliver through the internet (or post) most marketing things as well as CDs of course.
In anticipation I thank you for your help and I do look forward to perhaps meeting you one day. In the meantime I am going to take the liberty of dropping you an occasional note keeping you abreast of the progress of my tribute to Kirsty project.  I hope you enjoy my music/performance.  Thanks for your time now.
Kind regards,
Karen J White
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