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June 2016

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Re: Looking for professional assistance

As Karen J White’s Honorary Marketing Consultant I write to seek your interest in assisting Karen in pursuing her music career within the UK.  We are ex-pat Brit dual nationals (British/Australian) and whilst we’ve spent more time in Australia over the last few years we are now trending back towards reversing this one reason being that the UK offers more scope for Karen and her music!
We will be in the UK from the end of August until early November this year (longer next year) and from our base (shared between family in Bath and London) we plan on travelling throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with the hope of picking up gigs and publicity enroute opening bigger doors for next year’s trip.  Of course the results will be much better using an industry professional such as your organisation. Hence this email to you.
Below is an introduction to Karen and her music. Her website is most comprehensive and of course contains samples of her music in both audio and video format.  For promotional purposes only we will issue a link to her Dropbox for a free download of mp3 or wav copies of her music.  All of her music is licensed worldwide with APRA/AMCOS.
I note and acknowledge most agencies require artists to register online but before doing this I am seeking to first find an agency which is actively interested in assisting and one which will result in a synergistic relationship.
I am of course biased but Karen offers something really different both in terms of music and her delivery of it. Her stage presence is wonderful as are her skills of reading and working an audience.  With regards to commercial acumen and professionalism she can in every respect be used as a benchmark.  Her personal challenge of taking on the complexities of Kirsty MacColl’s music and enviable successes is to be admired – Kirsty offers exemplary standards to try and match.
Having read this far I must still have your attention I therefore encourage you to follow the short story below and the links to various supporting information – Karen is worth the time.
I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you even if it is “thanks, but no thanks”!

Kind regards,

John White
Honorary Marketing Consultant for Karen J White


  • Aussie-Brit Karen J White to pilot tour the UK with her album/show “In These Shoes?
  • Sep/Oct/Nov 2016 through England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • In These Shoes?” is Karen’s personal tribute to the music and life of Kirsty MacColl
  • Features Karen’s arrangements of Kirsty songs plus some of her own and other songs
  • Album co-produced with Nigel Pegrum of Steeleye Span/Pegasus Studios fame
  • Show produced by Karen along the lines of her Quintessential Quirk show framework
  • Karen’s music touches on “pop”, “country” and “folk” with forays into “comedy
  • Performs solo up to with a compete band
  • She particularly appeals to women of all ages, the gay fraternity and those born in the 40s-70s who enjoy toe tapping to songs with a strong story line and an interesting melody – ideal for corporate gigs, home concerts and own shows
  • More informationkarenjwhite.com.au (official website)
  • More information: quintessetialquirk.com.au (Karen’s Quintessential Quirk website)


Independent artist Aussie-Brit Karen J White, aka “The Quirky and Rudey One”, is scheduled to start her UK pilot tour this summer (2016) with her exciting new show and supporting album “In These Shoes?”

Website #1: karenjwhite.com.au (official website)
Website #2: quintessentialquirk.com.au (Karen’s “quirky” show website)
Facebook: facebook.com.au/quirkykaren (Karen's Facebook page)
Bio download: biography (pdf file)

“In These Shoes?” is Karen’s personal tribute to the life and outstanding talent of the songwriter and singer the late great Kirsty MacColl.  “In These Shoes?” features Karen’s own arrangements of a selection of Kirsty songs as well some of her own and other related songs. Karen’s choice from her pool of fifty or so Kirsty songs included in both her album and show have been guided by members of the global “Kirsty MacColl Fan Gang”.

Kirsty MacColl Fan Gang: FaceBook
Kirsty MacColl website: kirstymaccoll.com
Kirsty MacColl Wikapedia: Wikipedia org - Kirsty MacColl

Karen is co-producing her album “In These Shoes?” with Nigel Pegrum at his recording studio in Cairns Australia. Nigel, also an ex-pat Brit, shot to international fame as a drummer with bands such as The Small Faces, Steeleye Span, The Barron Knights and even The Wombles. Since then he has developed a prestigious long solid career recording and producing for many artists including the likes of Mundy-Turner, Snake Gully, ARIA award winning singer Henry “Seaman” Dan and many Aboriginal artists including internationally famous artists David Hudson and Wilma Reading.

Nigel Pegrum/Pegasus Studios website: Link: pegasusstudios.com.au
Nigel Pegrum Wikipedia: Wikipedia org - Nigel Pegrum

Wilma is another Cairns local of international fame who has helped by giving Karen voice coaching!  A three octave soprano Wilma’s singing, acting, story-telling and teaching career span prestigious performances from Brisbane to New York to London (including a regular spot in “The Morecambe & Wise Show”).

Wilma Reading Wikipedia:Wikipedia org - Wilma Reading

“In These Shoes?” is Karen’s fourth album. Joining her on this album are Nigel Pegrum (drums, percussion, flute and backing vocals), Will Kepa (keys, guitars, bass and backing vocals), Simon McMenamin (strings), Russell Harris (brass and backing vocals), Kirk Steele (piano accordion) and last but certainly not least Libby Brockenshire (backing vocals) all of whom are accomplished Australian musicians in their own right.  Nigel and Will more often than not are also in Karen’s far north Queensland band line up.

In all there are 12 songs on the album: Caroline, My Affair, Dear John, Terry, In These Shoes?, The Butcher Boy, A New England, Innocence, Still Life, All I Ever Wanted, Fairytale Of New York and Shoes.

By special arrangement renowned Australian singer, songwriter and outstanding performer Mikelangelo will be joining Karen on the duet “Fairytale of New York” – two quirky performers for the price of one! Fairytale, written by Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer, was first released in 1987 by The Pogues featuring Shane McGowan and guest Kirsty MacColl on vocals.  The song remains enduringly popular especially at Christmas time.  Mikelangelo, a much loved Australian celebrity, is a member of several Australian bands particularly including Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen who have made their mark not just in Australia but also in the UK and Europe.  It will be very interesting to enjoy the interaction between these two dedicated and dynamic performers, Karen and Mikelangelo.

Mikelangelo website: mikelangelo.net.au
The Pogues website: pogues.com
Fairytale of New York Wikipedia: Wikipedia org - Fairytale of New York

Born in Tynemouth (Tyne & Wear, UK) Karen was brought up in Berkshire living in and around Newbury, working in Accounting and Business Management until moving to far north Queensland Australia in 1997 where she and her husband predominantly worked in eco tourism.  Now in (very) early semi retirement Karen focuses on music, occasionally helping her husband John, a marketing consultant.  Indeed it was not until early retirement that Karen burst her love for performing music out of the closet and on to the stage making her a late comer to professional music.  As in her business life Karen likes a challenge, just loves songs with complex chords and story lines, sometimes with risqué lyrics and is meticulous in her performances, both recorded and live.

Karen performs solo as a one woman show and, with a completely different set of dynamics, with full band or indeed anything in-between.  Her performances are accomplished, suiting a listening audience more than as background fill.  She appeals and relates to females of almost any age, the gay fraternity and in general many of those born in the 40s-70s who enjoy toe-tapping to some well known but not often played songs.  Her genre is generally classified as “MOR”, mostly “pop”, her repertoire comfortably clips into “country”, “folk”, “comedy” and occasionally even “jazz”.

Following Kirsty MacColl is a hard call, she was outstanding in her song writing and performances and many of her songs are musically intricate.  Karen has not set out to, as it were, slip into Kirsty’s shoes, more deliver Kirsty songs in her, Karen’s, inimitable style but reflecting the complexities and form of Kirsty’s music.

“In These Shoes?” will be pressed in August 2016 just in time for her UK pilot tour.  Karen plans to launch the album and show in Australia in early 2017 returning to the UK for a formal tour throughout the summer and autumn of 2017.

Finally “Quintessential Quirk” (QQ) is the title under which Karen presents her own shows. Whilst they follow a similar framework of popular and unusual songs, songs with a mix of satirical, saucy, middle-of-the-road and quirky content, each show is bespoke to its intended audience/venue.  Karen leads each show calling on her large repertoire of songs from her mixed bag of favourites, hence “Quintessential Quirk”, which includes the well known and not so well known from the like of Leonard Cohen, Melanie, The Pogues, Kirsty MacColl, Dido, The Beautiful South, Nick Charles, Paul Kelly, Richard O’Brien, Tom Lehrer, Billy Connolly, Fred Smith, Clancy, John Williams and of course herself … delivery of each QQ normally draws on supporting talented artists forming her band and a special guest, together presenting a potpourri of styles, genres and idiosyncrasies.

Thank you for your sustained attention and interest in the long read!

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