Image of Karen J White - media - ref: 9N8A6604


This section of my website gives access to two important media reference sources - "Press" information and "Newsletters".  This page in particular acts as an index to further information.

Under "Press" are library reference documents as well as copies of press releases issued by me.  The press releases are filed in both pdf and txt file formats the content of which may be used freely for any bonafide media requirement.

Under "Newsletters" is a list of news releases as issued by me to my mailing list - they are a useful reference to what is being announced/has been announced.

For "photographs/images" please feel free to view and download from both my photo gallery on this site here (photos) and my gallery at JAW's photos which can be found here (photo gallery).   There's no copyright or royalty for use of the images in my galleries providing any such use is by bonafide media and any use is appropriately "tasteful".

For those requiring more information, high resolution copies of photos or indeed new photos please contact me using my contact page (contact).


Visit Karen J White's Quintessential Quirk shows website here.


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