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KIRSTY MACCOLL pocket guide …

As part of my tribute I have written & published a pocket guide entitled "A potted history of the life & career of Kirsty MacColl".  This is available at nominal cost or free to those people who buy both of my Kirsty tribute albums.

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My personal tribute to the life and musical legacy of Kirsty MacColl - album #2 of 2.

I have “forever” been a great fan and follower of the late great Kirsty MacColl and indeed include some 50 of her songs in my repertoire.  In part leading on from my attending the annual “Kirstyfest” in Soho Square, London (a celebration of her life and her music) for the last three years and with encouragement from a few close friends and my fella I have decided that my next show will be a tribute to Kirsty MacColl showcasing a show's worth of her songs.  It will be themed as my show delivering my interpretation of her great music as opposed to forming a tribute band.  Producing this album is the second stage of the project after selecting my song-list for the album and play-list for the show.


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